Review quiz - need to show the correct answers!

I need to have the review quiz feature in Quizmaker 13 display ALL the correct answers as in 09!!! The review quiz button is only showing student answers and whether they are correct or incorrect. It doesn't tell them the correct answers! The auto feedback already tells them if the answer was correct or not so what is the point?

I use these for homework and students must get all the answers correct to pass - if they can't find out the correct answers they are stuck. I DO NOT want to have to create custom feedback for each and every question - what a huge time waste.

I am hoping there is a simple solution or I need to get rid of '13 - this is a deal breaker!

Robin Wooten

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robin! Are you utilizing free-form question types? You will have to provide question level feedback on these.

You mention drag and drop, and if you are using the graded matching drag and drop question type, then you should be able to see the correct answer. Attaching an image.

If you need us to take a look, you can upload your file here.

Meagan Tijerina

Did this problem ever get fixed? I have inserted a quiz into presenter as (Multiple slides) and it only shows me the incorrect and correct icons once I submit it. When I click on a question I missed, it does not show me the correct answer. It only shows me what I had answered. I checked the result slide in quizmaker, and I have them both set to allow the user the review the quiz. Please help... I just switched from 09.