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Feb 18, 2016

I publish my modules for LMS.  I have had a couple of students get a message on a quiz "You must scroll to the bottom before submitting" when it is not necessary/possible to scroll.  Now I have one student when he tries to resume this module he just gets a blank screen.  He's using Internet Explorer 11 and Adobe FlashPlayer 20.  My LMS provider has been unable to resolve this issue.  A little help please?

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Alison L Coops

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your response.  Neither of those help.  This is a quiz that works fine for 99% of students (including me), but for a couple of people, they get the message that they need to scroll down but there is no scroll bar (and they are seeing the entire question/answer).  At that point they are just stuck with no way to proceed.

Leslie McKerchie

So you do not have the feature marked requiring users to scroll, yet some are getting this message?

Is there anything similar among the users experiencing the issue. Browser perhaps? 

It certainly is hard to diagnose when it cannot be replicated I know. If you wish to share your .quiz file with our team here to take a look, you are welcome to do so.

Alison L Coops

Well, that "feature" is checked - I have 2 questions - Why is it getting triggered for 1 or 2 students out of 700 when it's not a "longer question" and a scroll bar doesn't appear?  Why is this set up as something that can be turned on/off?  I don't have enough instances to definitively find something similar among the users having the issue, but it could be related to screen resolution.  But I have a particular user who is just stuck.  Now that he has encountered this problem, he can't resume the module; he just gets a blank screen.  Suggestions?

Tim Danner

We had a user who just reported the same problem. It's on the last of three Drag and Drops in Quizmaker ('13) that wouldn't need any scrolling. I haven't been able to replicate the problem, using either desktop computer, which has a large screen resolution or my laptop, which has a smaller resolution. And this user seems to be the only one with the issue, and he's IE (don't know the version yet), likely on a desktop or laptop from what I can tell from the screenshot. We also have the "Require User to Scroll to the Bottom on Longer Questions" checked. I'm going to uncheck and republish to see if that resolves the problem, but I'll have no way of knowing whether it works until the user goes through the quiz again.

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