Selective Scoring

Jun 05, 2012

I am building a quiz and the scoring is by answers. There are three options to all the questions and the scores are as below:

If Option 1 is choosen the score is 0

If Option 2 is choosen the score is 1

If Option 3 is choosen the score is 2

Any one who chooses option 1 in any of the questions, should not be allowed to pass. How do I program this? Please suggest ASAP.

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Yes, I have done that Peter. Let me explain it in detail:

What I want is the learner should not pass if he is selecting even one response which has a zero score. Example:

Sample Question :

Which color?

1. Red - score 0

2. Blue - Score 1

3. Green - Score 2

And the User's score in

Question 1 is 0,

question 2 is 2,

Question 3 is 2,

question 4 is 2.

He should not pass because he has made one choice which has a zero score, irrespective of his scores in the other questions.

Peter Anderson

Hi Sushmita,

Thanks for elaborating. You won't be able to end the course or take a student straight to a fail slide as soon as they select one of the zero-point questions, but that would make a good feature request. My only suggestion, and perhaps others can chime in as well, would be to leave the wrong answer at zero points, and then make the other "more correct" answers significantly more valuable, so that when the final score is tallied, answering with even one of the zero-point answers would be enough to prevent the user from achieving a high enough passing score. 

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