Studio 13 Quiz automatically sending pass when on screen 1 of quiz

We use Studio 13/AICC Presenter and Quizmaker. All quizzes are set to pass at 80% and we ensure that the quiz results determine pass status.

We have been regularly encountered the situation where after updating a lesson with a quiz, that upon testing the published result, and upon reaching the first screen of the quiz, the lesson will send a pass result with a score of 0.

It took a bit to realize the problem since most students usually just completed the units but it became so prevalent that we had the LMS altered to report this situation by email and specifically test for it now upon testing published content.

We will open and edit the quiz making sure that every single control/choice is exactly right but ultimately, it seems that we only fix the problem when we actually just randomly edit the content. It's a hit or miss situation. When the problem is occurring it occurs all the time. When it doesn't occur, then its fine.

I have been searching for other articles or reports of this kind of problem to see if I can get any insight into what could be going on. It's a massive time vampire for us.

Has anyone heard of this before? Any insight into what can cause the quiz to report a pass when the lesson shifts to the quiz screen? 

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