Time Limit Exceded message in QM 360

In a QM 360 Quiz with a quiz timer set, a message box appears upon the expiration of time. It's similar to the Correct and Incorrect feedback message boxes for question-level feedback.

Two questions about this:

1. Is the appearance of the Expired Time Message Box adjustable in the same way that question feedback can be set to Classic or Modern?

2. The text in the feedback boxes for correct and incorrect answers is editable at the feedback layer level (font, font size, font color). Is it editable in the same manner for the Expired Time Message?




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Lauren Connelly

Hi Dave!

Happy to help!

The Time Limit Exceeded message will follow suit with whatever Player you've chosen, either Modern or Classic. 

Second, you can customize the text of the pop-up but the font, font color, and font size aren't customizable!

Here's where you can change the text of the Time Limit Exceeded pop up!