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Bruce Graham

Well...I have lodged a few feature requests in the past, and as I use Camtasia I would not look to replace that, however, simple things like placement options for Lower Third would be good, because often, (unfortunately...) I need to use the LT to talk about something that it underneath it at the time

Independent audio track insert too.

Bruce Graham

Yes Nick - but as a "Super Hero" I try and evangelise about/use Articulate products when I can.

There was an initial flurry of activity on Replay, which seems to have now gone, and whilst I would like to try and use it, I feel that I need some more in there, hence the question.

Unfortunately - adding more features may take away from the product simplicity, which needs to be maintained.

It's not a solution I am trying to find, more a statement of intent.

tom adriaensens

I sure hope that new release or updates are still being considered.

Even when keeping simplicity, There are many minor tweaks that I am really missing:

- my favourite :  a split function to turn one recording into 2 clips that can be manipulated separately. The existing controls (trim ends, align on timeline) are all sufficient, so no need to touch those.

- webcam controls. (eg. frame rate, codec, brightness, contrast).... This is anyway in the control panel of the hardware driver. Not to be developed by Articulate themselves. Just needs to be exposed.

Edit: discovered that I can have controls from the webcam applet after all, after installing the Logitech package. Still, in a competitive rapid screencast tool (starts with c and ends on tasia) , you get these controls accessible from the built-in Windows UVC panel, without driver installs from the manufacturer). Stuff like framerate is still missing

and overall, the mere stability of the software certainly is due for a review.
It crashes at the oddest moments, and there's no such thing as a fallback, or Autosave in the background when things go wrong.