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Is anyone else having an issue with the audio quality when they record screens with Replay? My audio clips have a "crackling" sound to them. I've tried different microphones and it doesn't make a difference.

It's strange because I can use the exact same setup in Storyline to record a screen and it sounds great. I also don't have any issues with Audacity or any of the other software packages that I use,

I checked to make sure all of my audio drivers are up-to-date and everything checks out,

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks!


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Daniel Brigham

Yes, Tim. I have had similar issues in Replay. Your audio may be coming in too "hot" into Replay. If you go into your control panel and check out the sound settings, if you poke around a bit, you should see a slider that has to do with the level your audio is coming in at. If you are on a mac, check out the sound settings in system preferences. Maybe dial it back to 50% or so and see if that gets rid of most of your clicks and crackling.

Fairly important questions: does this crackling happen when you use your built-in computer mic? Btw, are you using a USB mic? Or condenser mic with preamp? Let me know how things go. --Daniel

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martin and welcome to Heroes!

I haven't heard any additional information from Tim, so I'm not sure exactly what issue he was experiencing. Just to be clear, you've already adjusted the audio settings within your control panel as Daniel mentioned? Are you recording with a built in mic, a USB mic? Are you able to try recording in another program to see if it's specific to how Replay is capturing your audio? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

I'm really sorry this is slowing you down and causing such a headache. Since this forum discussion is a bit older, I'd invite you to work directly with our Support Engineers here so that we can get to the root of the issue. Let me know if you're able to reach out to them and I'll follow along too!

Gregory Marchi

Was there ever a resolution to this?  

I was doing some testing with my new webcam in Replay last night and experienced similar issues.  In addition to the audio problems, the video was choppy and laggy.  Tried recording in Camtasia and didn't have any problems, seemed to be exclusively a replay problem.

Curious if there are any known driver issues or compatibility issues with certain video cards?

Haven't had this issue in previous versions of replay.