Hello all, my name is Jesse Stevenson and I am fairly new to articulate replay.  I love the concept and wanted to use it.  The problem I am having is poor audio during playback.  I have tried using both my laptop mic and a Samsung Go Mic.   No matter how close I am to either mic, the play back is very spotty, like bad cell phone reception, every other word cutting out.  Anyone experience this?  Any ideas?  Thank you in advance.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jesse,

It looks like I also just answered you here,  can you also confirm that Replay is installed locally and you're able to record successfully in other applications?  The minimum system requirements for Replay are also noted here, so you'll want to ensure you meet those.  If everything else is recording normally such as in Storyline or Studio you could also look at repairing Replay.