Content Library 360 - Can Content be Pulled into Replay 360

Hello! I have the full Articulate 360 suite of software but find that I am using Replay for several projects that really don't fit into a true CBT type format as would be the case when using Storyline--these I'm creating now are more along the lines of a video resource which Replay is great for. However, I'm having difficulty figuring out how to utilize a few images from the Content library within Replay. Is there a workaround to be able to get them into a Replay project since there's not a direct integration?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Danny!

You can access Content Library 360 from Storyline 360 or Presenter 360, but not from Replay 360. 

Try this instead: Open Storyline 360, and insert a Content Library 360 image on a slide. Then, right-click the image, and select Export Image. Save the image to your local hard drive.

Now you can import that image into Replay 360!