Edit Narration Audio in Replay

Nov 13, 2013

Can you re-record the narration in Replay? For instance if I didn't like a segment of narration, could I use the play head to clip it out and then record an new clip?

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Bruce Graham

Hi James - not at the moment.

I tend to view Replay as a tool for the assembly and delivery of screencams, videos etc. which may or may not have embedded audio.

ScreenCam is not a video editor like Movie Studio Platinum 12, and it's not an audio editor like Audacity. You use applications like that to get your content spot-on - then you assemble in Replay, adding lower thirds etc.

That's not to say that it is not going to develop further, but the point is - where do you stop? There's little point in developing another Audacity, but if you add more features, then you risk going down that road, and diluting the existing simplicity and focus.

I think Replay will develop capability, I am just not quite sure how at the moment.

Bruce Graham

I'm not disagreeing James, however...perhaps a noise reduction filter, or a simple levelling tool?

Of course - we must also be able to insert silence.

Where does it end?

The "killer app" definition by Arlyn was for recording screencams and publishing them professionally. Screencams have those "ums" and "ahs" in them.

For me - the killer tool here is for assembly. I do not have (yet) any use for recording screencams and me on my webcam.

What I absolutely DO need is a professional way to assemble and publish 2 x videos in a professional way (and screencams...) - that is where the current USP of this tool is. I think once one starts down the editing route that it is all going to get complicated and messy - perhaps losing the powerful simplicity it currently has.

Let's see where it goes.

Thomas Smith

I just started using replay and am shocked at its limited functionality... SIMPLE features that were available in the audio editor in storyline are missing.

Would it be so hard to at least give the same functionality that Storyline 1 had for editing audio?  That and the existing ability of storyline 1 to be able to adjust volume are fundamental if you are offering a tool which allows you to record from a microphone.

What should have been a 5 minute task for me is now going to take 15 minutes because I will have to record my audio seperately on another program (funnily enough storyline) and then bring it back in to Replay to voice over a video.

I am not looking for studio quality functions but the berest smplest functions THAT ALREADY ARE AVAILABLE IN YOUR OTHER SOFTWARE would be welcome.



Andrea Stone

I wanted to get this feature request raised again. I just got 360 and for that cost, it would make sense to have a more fully-featured screen recording tool. Like others have said years ago, simple editing features that are available in 95% of these screen capture tools would be helpful. I was trying Replay for a low-importance task, but given the limitations, there is not much of a reason to use it. 

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