Multiple audio

Mar 07, 2019

Hi there.  It is my first time using Replay 360.

I have imported a video and two audio tracks (one voice and one background music).

How can I "merge" the two audio tracks to play at the same time.

Hope it makes sense.


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Nikolai Soderstrom

If I'm understanding, in order to layer sound tracks (for example music and voice and sound effects), you would add a music track to Track A, add a voice track to Track B, then merge tracks. Then add sound effects again to Track B and merge with previous. Then use that triple merged track to function as sound Track B to video Track A?

Kelly Auner

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue!

This article lists common issues and possible solutions for when a video won't play once published. Additionally, f this is happening with multiple video files, you may want to conduct a Replay 360 repair. Here's how:

If you're willing to share your file with our team, I'll be happy to take a look to investigate further. You can upload it here or share it privately in a support case. We'll delete it from our systems once troubleshooting is complete.