Published MP4 video quality is poor when viewing in browser


I've recorded two videos using replay. I've tried different resolution settings in both Replay and my monitor but in all cases, it seems that the quality of the video is poor when I open the published mp4 in a browser. When it plays in Windows Media player it's quite crisp. It's also pretty good in another video player, VNC. I've been reading up on this issue but so far, no luck. Any help would be appreciated.



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Bob Kopman

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for getting back to me. Much appreciated. I was actually viewing it from a link in dropbox which apparently does not have a very good playback function. When I viewed it on a web site, it was better.

I think part of the issue might be that I am not very experienced with taking these videos and am not sure what to do about screen resolution etc. Do you know of any resources that you could point me to?

Much appreciated again.