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Sep 21, 2015


I've created a short cartoon video without sound in Storyline 2 and turned it into an mp4 using Replay. The visual quality is fine in full screen in Replay and when published in Storyline but is much less crisp as an mp4.

How can I increase the full screen quality of the mp4?

Any thoughts?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew, 

The resolution would be the screen size you recorded at - within Storyline screen recording or Replay you set it at the bottom with the indicator that looks as shown here:


In Storyline you can also change the publish quality settings as shown here, as there is a certain element of compression that will occur as a part of the publishing process. If you have inserted an MP4 into Storyline, you can choose to not compress it upon publish as described here. 

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