Red / Blue shifted image in Replay recording.

I have a mysterious problem that I've never seen in a screen capture tool.  When Replay captures the screen, the resulting video is red / blue with the two images offset.    This does not show up in any other video /I mage editing tools

 Below you will see a screen scrape of a Replay recording.  The red / blue shift is exactly what I get, regardless of the screen contents. 

I use this computer for video editing and image editing tasks using Adobe, Sony and Pinnacle products and have never seen this issue. 

Thanks for any suggestions

Win 8.1

Nivida GT 630

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Todd, 

My first thought is to conduct a repair of the Replay software as that's very odd behavior. 

After conducting the repair, if you still have the problem I'd suggest that you connect with our Support team so that they can do some more troubleshooting and get specifics about other settings. 

Todd MacDonald

Hello Ashley and thanks. 


The rebuild did not help.  The issue seems to be with the preview window of the Replay app.  The output is correct.

I tried the support link above but where it says submit a case, there is no active link to submit anything.  Only a sales general info link seems available.

Here is the support page that seems to go nowhere....