Replay and FLV

I am a big fan of replay, but I have the need to convert some of the mp4 videos it creates to flv. I am using what is perhaps the best known video conversion tool, Sorenson Squeeze, to do this.  It seems that Sorenson is taking over an hour, sometimes longer, to convert a 5 minute mp4 file to flv.  According to the Sorenson help desk technicians they say this issue is due to :

Replay using a proprietary codec called “isom” and it looks like an application called “Lavf54.63.104” to encode the file.

Do you have any ideas on how to resolve this issue, or a recommendation on the best program to use to convert Replay MP4 files to flv?  I even tried using your articulate video encoder 09 and it was taking over 20 minutes to convert a 30 second 720 x 540 mp4.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gordon,

I don't know of any way to change the codec which the Replay mp4 files are outputting to, and suspect it may not be something the product development team is interested in changing. But, if you'd like to see the ability to output to different file types, it may be something worth sharing in the form of a feature request as those go directly to our product development team for review.

Gordon UBS Lam

Thanks for your reply Ashely. It would be great to get confirmation from your development team that the codecs I mentioned are the ones being used out of the box by replay and it is not dependent on codecs I might have installed on my machine. It would also be great if I could get a recommendation from someone as to what software seems to work the best for converting Replay's mp4 files.

I will, of course, follow your advice to submit a feature request.

Brian Batt

Hi Gordon,

Here's the gist of the codec information:

codec_name="h264" codec_long_name="H.264 / AVC / MPEG-

4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10" profile="Main"

The most important things here are:

H.264 MP4 file with a 'Main' profile.

Long answer short, we use an open source application to convert the file to MP4. It's not proprietary at all.

Keep in mind that the length of time that it takes to convert any video file to any format will be completely variable depending upon the application used, your system's specs, the quality of video you're converting to/from, and much, much more.

Gordon UBS Lam

Hi @Brian,

Thanks for your reply. While this is a little beyond my ken the codecs you mention don't seem to match with the codec info that Sorenson Support gave me (see my original post above). Is there some way that replay is using a different codec on my machine based on other codecs I may have installed?

@Kevin - Thanks for your suggestion. I have adobe media encoder CS4 and you were right - It converted my file VERY quickly.