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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for reaching out, Sheryl, and I'm sorry to hear Replay is giving you trouble. I see you also opened a case (smart idea!) and are working with my colleague Renato.

It looks like he sent you a link to our tips for managing project files. Let us know if you're already following those recommendations in that article, and we'll keep digging!

Naomi Gannon

Yes, I have this issue all the time. It's too bad, because I really like the functionality of Replay, but I'm beginning to conclude that is just not high-powered enough for the video editing I'm trying to do (10+ clips, plus sound clips, plus graphics). The worst is when the file is also corrupted, so I lose all of my work. I've begun saving every few minutes, and saving multiple versions. But each save can take 5 full minutes or so when the files get larger, so the editing is extremely slow going. I still do think Replay is great for small projects with lower-res videos, but I'm at a tipping point where I'm going to invest the time to learn Adobe Premiere and move some of my more complex projects to that platform.

Helen Tyson

This has just happened to me too, and the crash has lost my original which means I can now only hope someone else in my organisation has a copy, otherwise it's gone.  I've raised a case but not too hopeful at this point.

It seems this has been going on for a while so I'm wondering why it's still happening, and if Articulate staff have any update / advice / best practice they could share here rather than keeping the information locked in individual cases.

Jesus Becho

Hi. I too am trying to publish a Replay 360 1.5MB video.. Its crashing at 82% published.  I've watched via "task manager", my memory consumption.. Its fine.. maybe 45% exclusively consumed for the Replay publishing..... then it "kicks me completely out of Articulate".. I've tried to publish my 12 minute video a few times...  Any suggestions?