Replay Files Won't Open

Jun 04, 2018

None of my Articulate Replay 360 files will open. After recording and saving the project, all of the files give a prompt saying "This project cannot be opened.  I may have been created in a newer version of Replay."  I just recorded them this morning in this same program.  I haven't left my computer to run anti-virus or malware or go to sleep. At this point, I've sunk hours into these projects that won't open.  Help!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Dylan,

Gosh, it sounds like you've spent a lot of time on these projects--I'm so sorry to hear they won't open! You did the right thing to open a Support Case. I see you shared a screenshot in that case, but would you also mind sharing one of the troublesome Replay files?

You can attach that file directly by using this link that is unique to your case. Our engineers will take a look and let you know what they find.  

Katie Riggio

Welcome, Courtney! 

I saw you also opened a Support Case – awesome stuff! Looks like my teammate, Ryan, was able to assist and also share steps on how to recover videos from a corrupted .replay file:

  1. Download and install 7-Zip – a free extraction tool
  2. Right-click your Replay project file, scroll to 7-Zip, and choose Extract to <name of your project>. 
  3. A folder with the same name will be created in the same location as your project file. Simply open it to see the extracted contents. (You won't be able to decipher or use some items.) 
  4. Open the Replay folder and then the Media folder – your videos are stored there. You might need to change the file format for each video from *.bin to *.mpeg

We also have some great suggestions for managing Replay files here!

Really glad to hear those steps helped you out, and I hope they also help others who stop by this discussion ☺️

Tonya Thomas

Same is happening to me, but I'm now also getting the message that says "this file is not currently available for use on this computer." WTH?????

I can't extract. I can't open. I can't even copy the file to another location—all of this even after reboot. I worked on this for 6 hours last night. Why is this happening????

Guess I'm gonna have to revert back to Camtasia...??? Man I really don't wanna do that.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

For the other users in this discussion, it looks like there were a few different issues. Some of the files became corrupt, (we have some guidelines to prevent corruption here) and others were seeing Replay crash (which has been fixed in the latest update of Replay). 

Can you share the Replay file for the 3rd one that isn't opening? 

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