Replay - Recorded Screen Area Issue

Sep 05, 2018

I have read the old post with this issue.  The Replay records a different screen area than where you place it to record.  I have a 15" laptop screen and it is set to 125% display, BUT my two side monitors are at 100% and these are where I record with Replay.  I still have the issue even after opening Replay on a monitor set at 100%.  If I change my 15" screen to 100%, then everything is too small for me to work on and yes I have contacts and they are up to date.

Is there any other way around this?  I have other software that will do the job but would like to switch everything to Articulate.  If this is not possible when using Articulate with my current monitor settings, then I will have to stay with my other software vendor.  Not sure why theirs will work and Articulate will not.

Thanks for your time.  

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Brian Miller

I have a somewhat similar issue. I have a Surface laptop (the Surface Book) connected to a secondary monitor. I tried to record the screen on my external monitor. I was able to record voice, video of my smiley face, but the screens were not captured. A coworker suggested that it may have something to do with the secondary monitor. I did see the resize "grab window" on the external monitor .. I was able to resize it around my browser window, but the screen capture was not "captured". I can see both the A and B track in my Replay desktop, but the A track is "black or blank".

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