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Jan 26, 2016

I have an issue where I am trying to screen record a webpage while I take learners through the site. I select the area to record, and even though the 'record window' is properly placed over the webpage, when I play it back in Replay the area Replay actually recorded has shifted. 

I have tried to manually adjust, try the full screen option, and the 'record window' option. All result in playback of a screen recording not true to the area I am trying to record. Very frustrating. 

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Dan Beatty

Hey Leslie, 

That totally was the issue. Thanks for the quick reply. 

I thought to make you aware of some small housekeeping you could do all in an effort to improve support and free you guys up (potentially) to not have to personally respond in the future to the same issue. 

The link you provided for me to change my DPI settings was basically great, but it doesn't have instructions for those on Win 10 (like myself). 

For Win 10, to change your DPI settings to 96 isn't exactly the way it works. Instead, what you're doing is really ensuring your computer's resolution is displaying the size of image, text, apps, etc. are displaying at 100%. My settings were defaulted to 125% by Win 10, which is why I was having that zoomed in effect during screen recording. 

For Win 10, 

right click on your home screen's desktop. 

Select "display" from the list of options

From the screen, ensure the setting "change the size of text, apps and other items" is set to 100"%

You will have to sign out of Windows for thee changes to take effect, so make sure you save work in your other programs before selecting OK.


Also, slightly related - when you open up Replay it gives you all these tutorial videos to play to get acquainted with the program. None of those links work for me. I was able to find them on YouTube easily enough, but perhaps something to look into.


Thanks for solving my problem! Really appreciate it!  

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dan!

I seriously appreciate your thorough feedback.

So, the Windows 10 directions missing was totally my fault, as I linked you to an older product support page. We are including these directions with the newer products as you can see here.

As for your Replay issue, these work for me and I just had some documentation updated where a user reported an issue, so I know it was working for her as well. You may want to consider a repair of replay to see if this alleviates the issue for you.

Dan Beatty

Hey look! same steps! :-)

Not sure if this is a request I should formally make, but here's a development idea - it would be cool if there was some baked in DPI detection in the Replay application, so that when you hit <record>, Replay checks your computer's DPI settings and if it's not at 96, it gives you a prompt window that says "Replay has noticed blah blah blah you may experience blah blah blah click <here> to see how to change your computer's DPI settings."

I don't think this is really an issue for the majority of your customers because I'm sure the majority aren't on Win 10, but Win 10 will only become more popular over time, and since the % thing is set to 125% by default (and therefore not 96 DPI) on most Win 10 machines, this could be a more common issue down the road.  

Orrrrrr, I'm just 1 of like 5 people ever that have had this problem :-) 

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