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James Easterling
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pam!

When you drag the screen recordings together, do you see a diagonal line, or a vertical line?

The diagonal line means the adjacent clips will smoothly fade from one to the next. Vertical lines between clips mean the transition will be abrupt and immediate.

Let me know if that helps!



I think Pam was referring to getting vertical lines between clips. She would like diagonal lines instead between clips.

If I insert an image to (A) on the time line, I get the diagonal line between clips and it adds the image at the end of the clip. Any suggestions to add an image to the beginning of a clip and get the diagonal line?

What I ended up doing was:

I added the image to (B) at the front of my clip and I got a similar fade in effect. Instead of a fade in, I got a swipe in effect.