Replay would not load.

I was working from home this morning, (and got my copy of articulate and replay yesterday). So I had installed it yesterday and it loaded fine.

I opened it at home and it would just crash before loading. I followed the instructions on the website to uninstal it and remove the product key using the .bat file. 

So I was going to make a video of it using Camtasia to post up here, to find out why. Came into work and it was fine. 

No loading issues!

I was not aware that it would only work on site (as articulate loaded at home)

Does any one have an answer to this puzzle?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

You should be able to install Storyline on two computers, such as your home computer and work computer as a part of the license agreement .  It sounds like you did the repair steps here , which you would need to complete in their entirety - did that change the behavior at your home computer? You'll also want to confirm that you're home computer matches the system requirements outlined here.