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Bruce Graham

Trav Owers said:

Replay is already a great simple and easy to use tool. It has potential but don't make it to complex !

I think the point about Replay is that it could have a lot of features added, but SIMPLE ones.

For example - a choice of effects, simply chosen, as Kate asks.

Allow us to simply re-size and re-position the "Lower Thirds" box. Sometimes I want it to be an "Upper Third", so that it does not cover part of my video that is important.

Draggable size for my PIP? Yes please....

And so on.

I want the simplicity, but I want powerful effects - and I think it is certainly achievable to merge these two worlds.


Andrew Elder

I heartily agree with Bruce! It's a great tool, partly due to its simplicity, but adding simple enhancements like this would make it stronger without reducing its facility and ease of use. For example, since the system already supports transitions (when putting two elements together) why not allow them to be manually added? I really wanted to be able to add in a Fade In/Out at the beginning and end of a project. Such a simple thing, but totally not doable in Replay. I had to export to an MP4, and then run it through Win Movie Maker to get it done.

Other small issues like not being able to move images to the front of a video clip if both A and B channels are in use, or inserting audio that plays in the background of a clip (rather than overwriting it).

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alexandre!

The feature requests are shared with our development team, so that I would not be able to answer for you.

I know that Andrew mentioned submitting requests and hearing nothing, but we do not have a system in place for notifications, but it is something our product manager is aware of and we have requested as well.

Darcy McGaffic

Hi! You can build in a fade up from black or down to black in Replay by creating a chunk of black video and dropping it before or after your clip. You do this using PowerPoint.

Create a PowerPoint and fill the background with black.

Save As, choosing the format MPEG-4 video.

Then just drop that clip in at the head or tail of your clip in Replay.