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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marshall and welcome to Heroes!

I just replied to your other thread as well, but this one offered a bit more information, so I'd also suggest to try another troubleshooting step to Verify that video hardware acceleration is enabled.

If you're still having difficulty after checking into this and the repair, please let us know and we'll want to see your .replay file which you can share here in the forum or send along to our Support engineers. 

Marshall Grayson

I did check the video hardware acceleration in enabled. I have also sent a copy of the file and the mp4 file to your Support engineers (I believe). I know I sent them, however, I am not quite sure who they went too. But I will upload them here as well

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marshall, 

Thanks - it seems that my colleague Vira replied with the following:

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support! 

Is the resulting MP4 the one you uploaded? If yes, I can see the video properly when viewed in Windows Media Player, see attached screenshot. 

Since there appears no issue with the video you published from Replay, I suggest you reinstall your current video viewer or download an alternative viewer such as VLC Player (http://www.videolan.org) and test your MP4. 


Please feel free to let Vira or I know if you need anything else. 

Marshall Grayson

Here is a screen shot of an MP4 video created through Replay of July 30, 2015, playing through Media Player today


Here is a screen shot of the MP4 video sent to you, created in Replay on Aug 07, and being played today through Media Player!


Please advise.

Marshall Grayson
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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marshall,

When you reply via email your signature can be included here as yours is, and you're welcome to edit the post to remove it. Attachments or images are not uploaded, so you'll need to visit this forum page to share the images here, or you are welcome to email them back to Vira as a part of your case.