1 quiz question with multiple correct answer, each with a different weight

Sep 24, 2019

I am trying to create a quiz that will have multiple correct answers. Each answer can have a percent assigned to it. Example: 1 answer is the best, another is the second best, another is the third best, etc... Then I want those results to be captured an the end - I will have multiple questions that follow this same format.  How can this be done, if possible?

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Robert Furnas

So I've done as both have suggested. I have two questions that the user must select multiple answers, those answers have different point totals associated to them. I've tried multiple response but that doesn't require the user to select both answers and doesn't allow me to set different point values. The results need to be tallied at the end to give them a range of scores - 95 - 100 best, 89 - 94, better, 81 - 88 good, etc....How can I use variables to accomplish this?

Jerry Beaucaire

Multiple Response does not have this capability.   Multiple Choice allows them to select one answer among the many and earn specific points based on which ONE they chose.  Points are not range, they are a specific point value.

  • [ ] Best Answer (10 pts)
  • [ ] 2nd Best (7 pts)
  • [ ] 3rd Good (4 pts)


You can do this on multiple slides, then the results slide will naturally tally the points.   It is on this slide you can create triggers that show different results layers and visual feedback based on the total score "range".

  • Show Layer BEST when Timeline Starts on the condition that Results.ScorePoints >= 95
  • Show Layer BETTER when Timeline Starts on the condition that Results.ScorePoints is between 89 and 94
  • Show Layer GOOD when Timeline Starts on the condition that Results.ScorePoints between 81 and 88
  • Etc.

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