2 Questions inside course, 7 questions end of course, can't get Retry button to go to ones in course and not go through full course

Aug 25, 2020

Trying to have the Retry to only go to incorrect responses, if users doesn't click Accept (in a pick one question) that they read a policy it would fail the users after the main quiz.

I tested, and it will take them to the Accept button question (as this is where I have the retry to start), but then moves through course, I need it to just go to incorrect questions.

Sadly running out of time, and wondering if there is an easy fix, or perhaps something I could do that is simpler.  


Any thoughts would be so appreciated...

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Teresa Vanderpost

Well, I just tested retry, and I think it worked this time...but the pop up message doesn't make sense for the Accept button. Hoping someone can see if it works for them, and offer any suggestions.

When I retry the pop up still says "thank you and select next to continue"  but I guess that is okay.

The other issue is I did the retry, and I pressed decline again (which I would think a learner would not do) this is where it then goes through rest of course and so thinking I might need to do a True/False instead of a Pick one.



Ren Gomez

Hi Teresa,

Happy to help! When I looked at the Form View of your 1.5 Acknowledgment slide, I noticed you only have one option to pick from. This explains why you had to create an extra trigger to jump to the Decline layer when the user clicked on the Decline button.

If you add the Decline button as an option, you can remove that trigger, and upon Retry, even if the user hits Decline, it will jump back to the quiz instead of replaying the course.

Give this a try and let me know if it helps!

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