360 Images - Hover text options and Controls for Navigating

Sep 21, 2023


I'm currently building interactive tours of factories/work sites. We have 360-degree images in some cases to highlight the workspaces of the engineers/electricians. I have run into two issues that the clients are requesting if possible.

  1. I can use "tooltip" to have a hover text box on the buttons throughout the image, but there is a character limit. Is there a way to have the "label" feature work as a hover and not just a click?
  2. For the 360 images and navigation, you can use your mouse or a touchscreen. The client and I discovered we can use the arrow keys on the keyboard but ONLY after doing an initial click in the 360 image. Is there a way to have the 360 image "active" by default and the keyboard controls immediately work?

Thanks in advance, my colleagues and I are grateful for the tools and guides available as we recently transitioned to Articulate. 

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