360 Review Interface

Jul 11, 2019

1) How long will a course I uploaded to the review interface stay in the interface? Weeks? Months? Years?

2)Is there a way to download the versions of the course from the review interface? I have the final course stored on my laptop.  I'm in a situation where I need to retain every iterative version of the course as changes were made to it so an external audience can "see the story" of how and when changes that were made to the course.

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Jerry Beaucaire

2) I think this is why the Review portal stores the iterations.  With the feedback responses visible, you can use the portal itself to show your audience these historical iterations.

Being able to do the same thing from .story platform would require you to do the versioning on your end.   I do that in an occasional way, not for every change, but when we go back and make substantive design update to an existing course, we keep the old .story and create a new v2.story for the edits.  And so on.

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