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Mar 23, 2018

Hi there

In slide 4.4 in the attached, i am trying to achieve that user should be able to access PART ABC in order, until  PART A is completed B and C are disabled, and once B is complete then C should be accessible.

It seems even though I have disabled B & C they are still clickable. It may be issue with objects grouping.

Also another query is there any way if I can change the state of multiple to normal at once or can be done only individually.


Thanks for your help.

Kind regards








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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Suparna!

I've got a solution for your first question. I added transparent rectangles over Menu Item 2 and Menu Item 3. This will prevent the learner from clicking those options before they are enabled.

I also added triggers to hide those transparent rectangles when the user clicks the previous menu item. Take a look at the changes I made on slide 4.4, and let me know if you have any questions about that!

For your second question, you can change the state of multiple objects to "normal" at one time. Can you tell me which objects you are referring to, and when you want them to change to "normal"?

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