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Alexandros Anoyatis

It is certainly doable - some demos of similar scenarios (albeit single axis ones using native Storyline variables and states) do exist but truth be told, it is much easier if the model as well as the rotation functionality comes from a third-party app and is merely presented via a webobject in the final output.

In theory you could create a function where two sliders would take care of the x and y axis, but you would have to create states with the appropriate stills for both x, y and the in-between. That would work but is probably highly inefficient both from a development as well as a final result standpoint (I wouldn't expect the sliders to be at all responsive with 100-300 states in an object).

Personally I would use a third-party app for this purpose, at least until Storyline supports 3d models such as FBX or OBJ.

Hope this helps,