3rd party content published as part of Storyline

We've had a HTML5 interaction built for us which I'll embed in a slide as a Web Object. Can I get Storyline 3 to publish the interaction as though it is all part of the one project?

I want to give the published project to my client so they can upload it to their LMS. I prefer not to be manually adding files to the published output and I really don't want to be editing the ims manifest file.

The few bits of info I've found on this seems to be about putting files in the "story_content" folder of the published output, but how does the manifest file get to know about them?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Antonia and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

The items included in your project should be included when publishing to an LMS as well.

Did you publish the project and run into an issue?

Just be sure to zip the contents from the publish successful dialog box and share this saved file with your client.