508 Compliant issue: CTRL + not zooming correctly

Jul 11, 2022

Hello, I am working with a client who is using a Jaws screen reader to test a course for 508 compliance. Below is what the client said about zooming:

"CTRL + does not zoom in the UI properly.  In Chrome browser CTRL+ zooms the left side navigation but shrinks the main content pane.  Overall the UI should respond to CTRL +. If not then maybe we could consider some within app buttons which allow users to enlarge the font."

What can be done to get CTRL + to work properly in Storyline courses? For the client's other approach of having a button that allows users to enlarge the font, that seems like that might open up other issues with text boxes, especially on quiz slides. Does anyone have any experience with this?




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John Morgan

Hi Sherri!

Thank you for sharing what your client is experiencing when zooming in on your content. I’m curious if you’ve enabled the Accessibility Controls in your published project so that your client can use the Zoom to fit feature for a better zoom experience. I’m unable to replicate the issue when testing. If you’re using this feature and still experiencing an issue, please allow me to take a look at your project file to investigate what’s happening with your permission. You can share it publicly here or upload it to me privately. I’ll delete it when troubleshooting is complete.

Thanks for reaching out!

Sherri West

Hi John!

Thank you for looking at this. I have attached a file. This is just a small accessibility prototype we have been working through to make way for future projects. We did not use the Accessibility Controls on the playbar because the client felt this wasn't very useful because:

- The zoom to fit option barely increases the size.

- The Accessible text option doesn't seem to do anything but mess with a little formatting on some slides.

- Keyboard shortcuts option does not provide a list of shortcuts. The client felt that this would be confusing to learners. [We are unsure how to assign shortcuts that could be useful for the learner that doesn't require us using javascript.]

When I try using Control +, it just makes the play bar and menu bigger.


Thaddeus Ashcliffe

This can also be a browser issue.  As the page zoom is scaled the it does odd things sometimes to components like storyline.

As you can see from the attached images the space allocated for the storyline player actually shrinks as the page zoom is increased.  I have this issue with the LMS that I use.

Sherri West

Does that mean there is no solution for this? I am not sure what other software has been used for my client's other courses, but they are expecting us to be able to use Ctrl + in courses built by Storyline. We do not normally support javascript but I am wondering if any javascript would fix the zooming issue? 

John Morgan

Hi Sherri,

The Zoom to fit feature affects the ability of the content to zoom. When the switch is turned on, learners can use the zoom settings in their browsers to make slides bigger and easier to see. I included a link to an article referencing Zoom to fit.

Storyline 360: Adjustable Accessibility Settings

I hope this explains things a little better.