508 Help: How to resume tab order after open/close lightbox

Sep 25, 2018

Hi. I'm building an accessible course and have a slide with a custom tab order set to tab through a list of items. When clicked, each item opens a separate lightbox. 

When exiting the lightbox slide, I would like the tab order to resume to highlight the next item in the list, but the tab order re-starts from the top of the custom tab order list. Is there any action or script that would set the next focus on the next item in the list?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Deb.  Thanks for the details!  I'm not sure what version of Storyline you're using -- I didn't see a 360 subscription or trial for you, so I tested in Storyline 2.

I noticed that after closing a lightbox slide, the next tab was slightly out of order, but the rest of my custom tab order was respected.  You can check out my sample here to see what I mean.  The tab order follows the rectangles, top to bottom, and then the circles top to bottom.

When I activate the first lightbox and close it, the tab jumps to the first circle and then resumes with the rectangles.  It's still a bit of a minor glitch.  Can you share a link to your output or even your .story file here so I can see what's happening in your course?

Also, let me know if you're using a newer version of Storyline, which will likely default to HTML5 output when you publish.

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