Tab Order does not focus on first item on next layer, but DOES on previous layer

My Set Up and Desired Behavior: I have a slide with a base layer and five additional layers. Tab Order is custom within each layer, but still has the basic set up of base layer stuff at the bottom, first extra layer above that, second above that, etc.

Problem: When I tab to the next layer using a custom navigation button, the tab order does not focus on the first item in the tab order of the new layer. Instead, when the new layer loads, the screen reader says "button" and I can't see where the focus is. Then if I tab one time, it says "Skip navigation. Press Enter to return to the slide." If I Press Enter, only then does it focus on the first item of the next, newly-loaded layer in the Tab Order. When I tab to the previous layer using a custom navigation button, it works just fine. 

What I Think Is Happening: I believe for some reason, when the Tab Order moves to the next layer (above the current layer items), it is not jumping to the first item in the Tab Order, but just moves up one "notch," so it thinks it's actually right after the last tab item of the next slide. Clearly that's not what it should be doing. It works fine moving to previous slides because the previous slide items are directly below the current layer in the tab order. 

Current Layer Properties:

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Robert!

Thank you for including all those details! I can see that our team has logged this as a bug. It seems like when "Prevent the user from clicking the base layer" is checked the tab order isn't followed in a slide layer. Are you able to uncheck that for your course?

When we hear of a fix to this bug, we'll let you know in this discussion.