7 audio clips on separate layers on one slide

Mar 01, 2023

I am creating Computer Based Training. I have one slide that contains 7 audio clips each clip on a separate slide. one trigger Show layer Name of Audio when the user clicks on the Name of Audio, next trigger Change State of Placeholder to visited When the timeline ends on Name of Audio.

It worked fine on the first audio clip the diamond automatically switched from blue to gray but when I created the triggers for the second audio clip and ran only the second audio clip , once it ended then both the first and second diamond switched from blue to gray.

The way I want it to be is for the participant to have to listen to all seven clips before they will be able to go to the next slide of the training, and for each diamond to switch from blue to gray once the timeline ends on that particular clip. 

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Garth Yorko

You might want to check the triggers on layer two, but it is hard to tell without the file.  Here is a sample that works as you describe.

I have found that using a custom state rather than the built-in state gives me very predictable outcomes.  Create a custom state (Complete) based on your current visited state. Have the layer change the state of the related diamond to Complete when the audio ends on the layer.  Allow a quarter of a second to each layer timeline after the audio completes.

See attached.