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Bob S

Hi Isa,

Sounds like you might want to create (or find) a Flash-based calculator app that you can insert.

Here are some hits from a quick search on building one yourself...




I'm sure there are some finished ones that can be downloaded as well.

Hope that helps,


eLearning Locker

Hey Storyliners,

Just posted this and saw a few other posts about calculators... so re-posting.

We have noticed a lack of calculators out there. A few of the examples out there don't calculate the decimal point correctly once calculated. If you want to create a calculator that has decimal places or +/-, before you do any calculations, you have to turn the number into a whole number. Multiply by -1 if the number is less than 0, and you have to keep track of your decimal place, multiply accordingly (if one decimal place, multiply by 10, two, multiply by 100), then divide by that same number and multiply by -1 again. It is mostly about keeping track.

This version should do the job. We have put this in our freebies at eLearning Locker where it will stay for about a week. It is normally part of the paid subscription, so please download it and use it as you like!


BTW - Eric, thanks for posting your calculator as well.

Andrew Wills

I'm hoping to revive an old thread here. The course we are building requires a scientific calculator that includes a fractions. The Windows calculator does not allow us to perform this function.

Does anyone know of a good scientific calculator application?

This does not have to be embedded in the Storyline file.