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Hi all: I've created a game where a player has to select a button which will drive them to a question they have to answer.  If they answer correct they get points and if not they get nothing.  My question is this.  From a good learning habit, is it better to allow the next person to click on the same button and get the same question or give them a different question?  The players of this game are working together to study for, and pass, a certification exam.  If the answer is give them a different question, any thoughts on how to do this in Storyline?

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Shwetha Bhaskar

I'd say feedback is always valuable - if a learner gets something wrong, they should know the reason why to reinforce the concept or rectify any misunderstandings they might have. I don't know your context but in general, I'd say provide instant feedback for wrong answers and then move on to a new one.

I found these guidelines to be a very useful while designing feedback options: