A little advice sought :)

Mar 05, 2019

Ok, so I'm working on this ICT skills object and one part is a toolbar quiz kind of thing where the user will be presented with a before and after and need to select the appropriate buttons. What I have set up is an image of a toolbar covered in hotspots and a (initially hidden) marker to identify what the user has clicked.

Is there an easier way to make it so when a user selects a box and then changes their mind and selects a different one to hide any other rings (ie their first choice) than to have 30 odd triggers per hotspot  saying set ring 1 to show set ring 2/3/4... to hidden?

Or another way to ask, is there a way to make a trigger affect multiple objects in this way?


Thanks in advance


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Bruce.

As I understand it, you want multiple objects to function like "radio" buttons, that is, selecting one automatically de-selects the others. Here's how to do it:

Bruce French

That seems to be almost exactly what I need. There seems to be some wonkyness in that it doesnt seem to work if the original state is hidden but if i make the original normal transparent and then put a second ring over the selected state it seems to work as you say. So a bit of tweaking and im all set. Thanks very much.

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