A Search within the AS2 Trigger panel.

I am working on a project with several scenes in it, and somewhere I managed to get trigger happy. I have managed to link something in Scene 6 to something in Scene 10. I have gone through the project slide by slide, but I can't seem to locate the trigger that is connecting these two scenes. It is a simulation, and there are LOADS of layers for some of the slides.

Is there a search or a faster way to locate a trigger that is pointing to a specific scene?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- Unfortunately, I am not aware of a way for you to search within the SL2 trigger panel. If you would like to share your .story file and a few more details about what you are searching for, perhaps members of the community would be able to check it out from a fresh perspective, and help you locate the rogue trigger! :)

Steve Wooten

I'm getting ready to send it out to the testers, so here's to hoping that either:

A  - they find it and document it... fingers crossed. I'm an optimist :)

or B - I stumble across it sometime.

It isn't a REAL show stopper since I've gone through it many times trying all of the random things that people may click, and I still haven't hit it. I would just like to be able to place a clean and labeled development file in the course folder.

Thank you for your prompt response.