A variable question?

May 22, 2014

OK, this is what I want to be able to do in Storyline.


This slide contains a list of words, e.g.





The learner selects one of them and it hi-lights via a selected state (so for this example they choose Rabbit)

SLIDE 2 (will be viewed as a lightbox slide from the Storyline player)

This slide has for example four boxes (let's say the slide is broken into four segments); I want the word "Rabbit" to appear in one of the boxes that I choose to display it in.

Therefore what I'm wanting is the learner to make work selections as they progress through the course and for all those selections to then be listed as they choose the lightbox slide as the module is progressed.

Is this possible (or something similar) and if so, how?



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Michael Hinze

Nick Garrod said:


Thanks - yes that would work although ideally I don't want a list of buttons on the lightbox slide - food for thought. Much appreciated.


Hi Nick, you can easily replace the buttons (I just reused to selection slide for my quick example) in the lighboxed slide with text boxes that are initially hidden and are 'turned on' (change their states to Normal) based on the variable values.

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