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Jun 04, 2014

OK this is what I want to be able to do...


This slide has a list of words, for example:


CAT (e.g. learner selects this one)



(Each word will be a separate text box entry.)

The learner is asked to select one or more of these words which change colour when they do.


This slide also has a list of words, for example:



GREEN (e.g. learner selects this one)


The learner is asked to select one or more of these words which change colour when they do.


This slide "pulls" through the words that have been selected, so for example we now see:



Any ideas how I do this in the simplest manner please?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nick!

There's a few ways you can set up what you described. Personally, I recommend using states, triggers and variables. 

I would first use states to show the color changes you mentioned, then also adjust a True/False variable when the user clicks "Next" - this way you only adjust the variable for the last item that was selected on the slide. 

I would create a True/False variable for each color and each animal and apply the trigger to the slide that would adjust each variable based on what object is selected when the user clicks "Next". 

On the last slide, you can either show text or images to show the learner what they chose on the previous slides. You can do this by changing states of the text or images when the timeline starts, based on what variables have been adjusted. 

Here are some tutorials that may help with this as well:

Adding and Editing States - E-Learning Heroes

Working with States, Triggers, and Layers - E-Learning Heroes

Working with Variables - E-Learning Heroes

I'm also attaching a quick example that I created, just in case you want to check it out. And yes - it's very difficult to find a good image of an actual mouse, with a transparent background :D

I hope this helps!

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