Ability for users to record and playback sound during a quiz

Sep 23, 2012

Hi there,

I have been thinking a lot about the implementation of the following 2 ideas; I hope I am not the only one that has these wishes. It would be a game changer

1. To be able to use Google's Voice Search Engine in storyline! A user has to fill in the blank by speaking the word. Google's Voice Search is pretty good in recognizing words. I have found an Android application which used the Search Engine to display the spoken words as text. -this was a speech-to-sms program.

2. The ability for a user, learner, to listen first to a sound created in the course..and then the option to record his/her own voice so that the user can compare the pronunciation. -I have the Cambridge Advanced Learner's dictionary which has this option.

Can anyone tell me about the possibilities, or share some thoughts about this?

Online Language learning often goes without practicing the pronunciation...or when it does, then this website just only revolves completely around this skill.



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David Anderson

Hi Wim,

In-slide voice recording is a neat idea. A lot of sites used to leverage Flash Media Server to provide that type of functionality. I don't see many anymore.

There are some jquery plugins that leverage the Flash Recorder. Here's one site but it looks like it still requires some level of web development or php experience.

Sites like Google and others that use similar voice recording technologies, can be inserted into Storyline using Web Objects. But there isn't something that can reside on the slide level and transcribe on-slide text.

Wim van den Bosch

Hi David,

Thanks for your suggestions.

The Jquery plugin looks great, however, and unfortunately, I don't possess any advanced web development skills other than copying snippets into a very clearly described and documented places. I wouldn't need to store the sound on the web-server, just record and payback from the browser's cache would be sufficient.

If you ever come across a person who is trying to do the same, or better, who has integrated this into storyline's html output file. Please try to remember me

About google's voice search, I understand from your message that it wouldn't be possible to transcribe the recognized speech to on-slide text.... Am I correct to understand that it WOULD be possible to add a web object that could show a google search...and with a bit of creativity I could point out to the user that he/she could "check" their pronunciation of a given word by looking at the search results? I know this may sound complicated and confusing...and it could also not be a graded question. But it would be a way of telling whether the user would pronounce the word correctly:) am I right?

I hope you can understand what I wrote down... :) My English needs improvement, I think I am sitting too long behind my pc:) 

Kind regards and thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to implement the google search web object


Jon berardi

Hi Wim,

I'm so glad to see someone else asking this question. I develop a lot of skill development tools and the ability to have a user record and playback their audio as a self evaluation tool (like recording your voicemail greeting) would be a real game changer. I have been seeking this for some time and don't see flash as the solution. Have you considered anything else? I will check out the jquery solution proposed by David but my development skills with PHP are limited. 

Eager to make this happen. 


Meredith baker

Hi, I am looking for the ability for a user to record audio to insert into a scenario based lesson.  I have just started my search 5 minutes ago.  I do have some web development skills and php experience, so I will check into the ideas previously mentioned.

Is there anything else to add since the last post, since I see it is 11 months ago....  does anyone have any more thoughts as I start my search?

Thank you for your assistance and input!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Donna,

There hasn't been a feature added to Storyline or other Articulate tools that would allow the user to record and playback audio while taking the course, but the suggestions shared in other forum discussions indicate there are a number of web based tools that you could look at utilizing by inserting them as a web object into your Storyline course. I'll defer to our community of experts here for which ones are their go-to options!