How can one record his voice if Storyline is on a CD?

Mar 27, 2014

Dear Community Heroes, 

I need to add this option "Record Your Voice" to a project that will be published to a CD.

Please tell me how can users record a word and/or a phrase?

Any tutorials will be of great help,

Thank you,


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Bruce Graham

Nancy Woinoski said:

Good question, I guess so they can hear how they would sound to others. Your voice sounds different in your head.

I'm not suggesting they do it in their head (subvocalisation), I am suggesting they speak it out aloud.

@ Nick - repetition and transformation drills do not need to involve recording. When I was learning Russian I repeated aloud, I did not record.

Sorry - I still do not see the necessity to record.

Bruce Graham

Nick Russell said:

You seem to be quite the Luddite on this one Bruce! A whole methodology of language learning was built around the concept of repetition and recording - a practice initiated by the US military and still perpetuated today in some of the less progressive language schools. I think the point of voice recording is to help the learner to recognize his/her mistakes - you can't monitor that very well when you are just repeating  - unless you have a teacher present.


Nick - Luddites used to destroy machines.

I am not destroying, I am trying to understand, that is not being a Luddite.

I merely think one can say, listen, say again, listen. I do not see the NECESSITY to record.

Yes it may be a great thing, but if there is an alternative I will always try to find it.


Abir @Articulate network

Thanks again Nick.

As you're saying, the aim is not to save the learner's recording but to let him listen to his oral production and compare it with the native speaker's production. This is self-training or self-learning in the absence of an automatic speech recognition tool with corrective feedback.. despite advances in technology.

Abir @Articulate network

Yes, Cary :

In the language lab, each learner inserts his CD to his computer and listens to a list of phrases (audio already available/saved in the project) then each tries to record his version as closely as possible to the original one. I was asking if this is doable with Storyline and, if yes, how.

I meant something like this (see video) that can be used on a CD instead.

Abir @Articulate network

A personal observation:

Language learners, notably beginners, hesitate to speak up especially when they are in large groups (10 or more). One way of motivating them is by recording their voices so they familiarize themselves with the word/expression/etc. Their production can still be erroneous, but frequency of exposure and repetition might encourage them to pronounce better each time - becoming more aware of their mistakes.

Also, the instructor can not often correct all given time limitation (a 1- or 2-hour-session).



Abir @Articulate network

Chris, but Vocaroo won't work once the project is published to a CD, right!

Unfortunately, with IT, language exercises are still limited to this: fill in the blanks, true/false, drag/drop, match, cross out the wrong answer, reorder, etc. No big difference from the book/a hard copy except for the integration of audio/video. Automatic error detection and correction is still not viable. Semantic relevance can not be detected. I think that the machine does not replace the human tutor when it comes to lang. learning (beginners). 

Bruce Graham

That is great that it can be done.

Just for the records - have just had a conversation with a client of mine for whom I am producing short promotional cartoons - he runs a very successful online/virtual classroom-based language school.

"100% agree with you, I cannot understand how this is better, unless you are learning how to pronounce the language like a native speaker, listening back can help, for the rest in my opinion it is negligible."

So I guess that if this does, (for some unknown reason) end up as being technically impractical, at least you know that there is another alternative that will meet a lot of needs. As many people never reach "native" level, this may be another way to move forward.

Good luck Abir, and please let us know how it all goes.

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