Absolutely can not record the screen correctly

I'm on day two trying to get this right in Storyline and starting to get very frustrated. I'm trying to make a step by step software recording. I have 3 monitors, all set to 100%, I have tried every variable. It simply will not record the right thing. I've tried all 3 screens and all recording settings. The story is 1920 x 1080, the recordings aren't filling the screen and getting cut off or including areas outside the box. Here is a perfect screenshot example of one of the things that happens. Help!  

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Cheryl Elliott

Just to be clear that I'm not crazy, here is a screenshot of yet another failure. This time it got the whole screen (still not full screen but I'll take it). I got there by manually shrinking the bounding box to approximately where it keeps putting the image and this time it actually recorded the bounding box AND the recording control strip!! Surely something is really not working at all, there's NO way it's supposed to do this. (Screenshot attached).

David Schwartz


Out on a limb here, but I wonder if all of your screens are the same dimensions. You said they are all at 100%, but maybe not the same sizes.

If you are working with dual external monitors and a laptop, I wonder whether you might get different results if you worked without the laptop's monitor in use.

No idea on why audio would come through when it's turned off.


Cheryl Elliott

I did try unplugging the two external monitors. New thing, I get a double image sometimes now, (when I drag the cursor while recording). First a bunch of slides with the wrong sized image then a bunch of slides where one image is the screen at the exact right size and one is a duplicate right on top of it, at the wrong size. Both locked that way. So, between that and recording the control strip, this is obviously a glitch or something. (I wish I hadn't promised my company that we have this exact capability, they sure were looking forward to it. Boo!)

Todd Haynes

As a stop gap, you might consider taking screen shots manually using SnagIT or another designated screen capture program (I use PicPick). Then import the screen images manually into your slides. I actually don't use the built-in "recording" features of storyline any more.  I build all software simulations manually - just import the screen shot, add in the interactivity (hotspot, text entry, etc.), and when they complete that show the next screen/slide. I like the 100% control I have doing it this way, and it also takes out the small but multiple .mp4 movies included in the automated method.

Ivor Thynne

Hi Cheryl,

I am finding similar issues where all I get is a screen shot when I record any screen movement.

The screen shot sometimes has a mouse movement on it (not mine) and is always the same it comes from the top left and makes an arc to the centre of the screen and stops and that is it! 

I did get one animated example in which it created multiple screens and recorded my mouse movements but I cannot recreate this any more!

Like Todd I have wasted far too much time on this and will build it from scratch as a click on the hotspot demo as at least I know that  works! 

A real shame as the medium was perfect for what I needed the learner to do and transfer knowledge via.

I was not sure if it was because I run 4 monitors but just using my laptop still did not work

If Articulate could look at this I would seriously appreciate it as it cannot be right 

Ren Gomez

Hi Ivor,

I'm sorry to hear you're running into these screen recording issues even though you've tried multiple troubleshooting steps.

I've opened a case on your behalf with our support engineers where you'll hear from someone on the team soon. They'll do everything they can to determine what's causing that error to come up!

Amerjit Nijjar

Hi. I am having the same issue. I use two screens plus laptop screen in the past and everything was working fine. However, I had a new laptop and this is the first time I am recording the screen on it. It is NOT recording what I highlighted. I've checked the settings (I know of) and can't seem to find anything. Please HELP!!

Amerjit Nijjar


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I am using a laptop with two additional screens, if that answers your question.
As an easy/quick fix, I changed my screen size to 100% on all three screens, but my laptop screen is now quite small, so if that could be changed and it still work, that would be great.


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