Screen Recording won't record the right size screen

I have tried multiple times to record my screen and it will not record at the size I need it to be.  I am doing the step-by-step recording and want my "clicks" recorded.  I also have a "master slide" with Information and Main Menu on that slide.

1. When I record (custom 960 x 595) to have the my master slide fit, it doesn't show the master slide.  The recording is the size of the slide.

2.  When I select the size I want to record and click on record, it records smaller than that.  Meaning it records the area I want recorded, but the entire screen.  I've attached what it looks like.

3.  When I record "full screen" it records smaller as well and there is a black area around the full screen, as well as the "red" recording area.  I've attached that as well.

I need a step-by-step recording that is that specific size so it fits in my master slide and the video.  I'm using a 960 x 720 story size.  I should say that I've done this before.  I'm actually making edits to an "old" course and the screen recordings on the old video worked, but now it doesn't.  I've attached the file I'm working with as well to show you what I need.

Can someone PLEASE help me?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

Thanks for sharing your file and images. 

I took a look at the file and noted scenes 5 and 6 had step by step screen recordings that looked to match what you're hoping to accomplish. I could see the screen recording on the slide and the slide master items such as your Home, Info and Menu buttons and those were also accessible to be clicked while previewing. Were there other slides that were causing you trouble?

With a screen recording using Step-by-step mode it's important to note that the screen recording becomes a part of the slide background. There isn't a built-in way to move, resize, or change that - as this keeps the transition between slides and clicks in place. 

What I've done in the past is conduct the screen recording at the desired size, and then either import that into a new Storyline file at a larger size or look at adjusting the story size after the fact. If you adjust the story size you can choose between these options:

  • Scale to Fit: This scales existing slide content to fit proportionately within the new size. Objects that have locked aspect ratios will maintain their ratios. Objects that don't have locked aspect ratios may change shape, depending on the slide size you choose. (Learn more about locking aspect ratios.)
  • Fill Background: This keeps the current slide background and applies it to the new size, but it doesn't resize your slide content. If you choose this option, use the corresponding Story Position drop-down to choose where existing content should appear on your slides.

If you need more help, let us know! 

Heather Lalla


Thanks for taking a look at this.

Actually the course is ok. However, I need to add an new scene and the screen recording isn’t working like it did for how I did the ones on this course.

This course was created last year. I’m trying to edit/update it with new recordings.

Does this make sense?


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Jill Freeman

Hi, I am really struggling to set up our screen recordings in Articulate 360. The Story size is set at 4:3, 720x540. I would like to increase the recording size and keep the same aspect ratio of 4:3, such as 1080 x 810 or 1280 x 960. Is this possible? 

My test recordings grab really wonky images. Per this thread, I set my monitors (laptop and 2 large) to 100%, and set recording size to 1375x1033 (approx 4:3). It captured the image from both a large monitor and part of small laptop monitor. Please see file #1 attached.

Another test is attached (#2) where I recorded on my large monitor with default recording window 4:3 720x540. It captured the recording window along with the rest of the large monitor screen (no laptop screen captured).

A third file is attached (#3) - the successful test. The only way I can make a recording that captures exactly what I want is when I record on my laptop screen at 4:3 720x540. I cannot involve other monitors. I could use some guidance on how to make this easier.  Thanks all!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Jill!

Thank you for providing screenshots! I see how the solution here is to record on your laptop screen without the external monitor. This is actually our recommendation - to unplug any additional monitors when recording your screen since the issues do occur. We've noticed the same on our end.

We have logged this with our team, and I've added your comments. It hasn't been prioritized since other fixes and features are slated for upcoming releases. If our team reroutes, I'll be sure to update you in this discussion.

Martha Lopez

This is the same thing that continues to happen to me, regardless of a secondary monitor. it is SOOOO frustrating and, quite frankly, a blocker to my work. I'm relegated to using Camtasia screen recordings and then rigging those to work in Storyline. I submitted a ticket and I got very little help. 

I was referred to articles that I had already read. I do my best to research as extensively as possible before engaging support. I am the only one in my team having this issue. We've troubleshot it every way we know. 

I'd love to have a support rep contact me so that we can do a screen share and get to the bottom of this. Otherwise, I'm thinking we're going to have to go back to Captivate. At least there you can change the slide size of a recording. 

If anyone has another other suggestions, I'd appreciate it.


I can't record at such a small size (720x540) because it changes the UI in the software I'm creating training on. (Sorry for ending in a preposition.)