accent in a variable

A week ago I did not have this problem but since the update of storyline 360 ​​the interpretation of the accent in a variable does not work anymore can you help me?
as you can see in the attached files, my name was stéphanie a week ago and now it is stéphanie
it is the student name retrieved in a variable from the lms platform with javascript code 
i have so many bugs since the update, why ?
thanks for help


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stéphanie.  It sounds like you're seeing some strange things happen in your files since the last update.  Here's our article on JavaScript support which covers best practices that you may already be using.

If you have some items that are behaving differently since a recent update, though, please let us know here and we'll see what we can do to support you!

Philippe Mekal

Bonjour Stéphanie,

On va continuer en français si tu préfères.

Merci pour cette réponse vraiment rapide, j'y croyais pas, vu la date du précédent post.

J'essaie et te tiens informée du résultat.

J'étais parti dans des complications extrêmes et cela m'a l'air tout simple.

Vivent les forums !