Access Denied. Error 80070005

Sep 17, 2015

Access Denied. Your Anti-virus software may be blocking installation. Temporarily disable it and install storyline again. Error 8007005


Could somebody please assist me with the solution to this issue please. I have disable my Anti Virus and tried to install nothing, 'Run as Administrator' produces the same result, downloading ZIP file also the same thing. I am out of options, please help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kate,

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you've run into. It sounds like you've gone through the first step I'd mention in regards to ensuring you're running as an administrator, but I'd also suggest looking at the following steps:

1. Have you tried disabling Windows UAC? Here's how.

2. Did you check if you have .NET Framework already installed on your system? If yes, could you check it's enabled. Here's how: 

Press Windows Key+X on your keyboard to display the Tools Menu, and select Programs and Features. Or, right-click the lower left corner of your monitor to display the Tools Menu, and select Programs and Features. 

Click the link in the left navigation pane to Turn Windows features on or off. Mark the box for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) if it's not already selected, and click OK. 

If you're still having difficulty after going through those steps, please reach out to our support team so that we could gather a bit more information. 

Ruth Mahoney

Hi Ashley,

I have my new Articulate 360 licence but cannot install as I am getting the Virus checker error and I cannot disable Windows UAC as this locked down by our company desktop policy. Can you advise how to get Articulate 360 installed please I'm running Windows 7?

Thank you



Stuart Paterson

I'm seeing the very same issue for one of my users when trying to install Storyline 3, tried the same troubleshooting steps as above without success.

I'm assuming this was was resolved for the user who had cases created for the issue? Would it be possible to post what the solution was on these cases?

It would help anyone who comes across this issue and this post, but would also hopefully save your support team from having to create further cases for the same problem :)



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stuart, 

I looked into Ruth's case and this is what our team shared:

The Error code 0x80070005 (also known as "ACCESS DENIED) usually occurs when you lack file or registry permissions that are required to successfully install an application. 

Please ensure that you are installing the software as an Administrator. If you don't have an Admin access to your user account, please contact your local IT for assistance. Computers that are connected to a corporate domain commonly have restrictive permissions to prevent users from making changes to the programs (installation or modification). 

In addition, Security Software (Anti Virus software) may also affect the installation process by blocking executable files. We recommend that you disable your Security Software temporarily before installing Articulate 360. 

If those steps don't work for you, our team is happy to work one on one with you as we have some additional steps that may help! A bit more involved, so we don't want to share them in the forums to cause further confusion - just reach out here and reference this forum discussion! 

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