Aug 18, 2017

Work with Rehabilitation Services for the Blind and want to prepare courses that are fully accessible to the visually impaired.

Couple questions.

Can I use a simple command such as a single key or a combination of key strokes to open the resource tab, or replay a slide?

I see where I can add triggers using a pressed key but I don't see options to open the resource tab or to replay a slide.

Thanks for your help.


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Julie Stelter

Hi Michael,


Great questions! In regard to your first question, I know you can do this in Captivate but I'm not sure about Storyline. However, it is considered best practices not to use keystrokes specific to a course because screen readers have their own built-in keystrokes and a user has the the ability to make custom keystrokes. 

In regard to replaying a slide, you can place a button that's at least 35 x 35 pixels in the bottom right-hand corner of the slide.  It would be the last button before the next and prev button in the player. If using custom navigation, I place the replay button between the custom prev and next buttons.

Have you spoken with your client about what level of accessibility they want? WCAG has two standards AA and AAA. Also, visually impaired includes color-blindness and low-vision in addition to screen reader ability.



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