Accessibility - Changing the Background Colours

Apr 11, 2014

I wondered if it is possible to create buttons that allow a user to change the background colour in Storyline? I want to have four background colour options for dyslexic learners and the visually impaired. I was going to use a lightbox as an accessibility tab but wondered how to implement the background colour change,  I dont want to have to add this to every slide which is why I was wondering if there is a universal way of doing this.

In Captivate I have added coloured buttons to a menu pop-up which when clicked on show the different backgrounds that I added to the first slide. I've set them to 'show for rest of slide' so that they can be called on every page and used variables to show and hide them. This is what i want to replicate in Storyline.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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Anthony Seminara

Thanks Alyssa.  A total ‘newbie’.  Can you offer a link that offers a portfolio of what 360 can offer in terms of best practice?

My clients would be happy with simply porting PowerPoint to the Web.  But it would be useful for me to know what -value add- possibilities exist. 

Also at a first glance, I’m guessing ‘triggers’ and the syntax behind them are the bedrock of any clever work.  If you can offer a link to tutorials to their basic use - it’d be much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance,




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