Accessibility course: Change the settings of the font

Good morning, we are developing a accessibility course for blind and hear problems people and we fond this barrier that we assume it’s necessary touch code. Someone knows how to do it?

Change the settings of the font (we need three different sizes of the font, from which the user will be able to choose 100%, 150%, 200%)

Here you can find the actual HTML document:

Thank you very much for your support,



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dave faldasz

Hi César!

I tried and could find no easy way to allow the user to change font size, unless I make 3 different versions and save as layers - for each screen. This is very time consuming, if it is a big project (I saw you have a big project!). I wonder if there is a JavaScript way to do it... someone here may have a nice workaround.

Here is a link where Matthew is changing closed caption fonts with JavaScript:

Here is another link to a conversation that Drew and Joanna had about changing font sizes with a demo (.story) provided:


well, that's a beginning, my friend