Accessibility Focus not happening - Storyline 2, html5, using chrome browser

Apr 17, 2019


I'm checking keyboard access to one of my tutorials and I don't seem to be getting any focus on my tutorial at all when I use the tab key.

I'm using Storyline 2, published in html5, viewed in chrome browser.

You can see the published file here

Can  anyone suggest why I would have this problem? Did I miss a setting?

Any help appreciated.

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Crystal Horn

Hi again, Cheryl. I must apologize -- I missed our system requirements for Storyline 2 and accessibility. While newer versions of Storyline include accessibility support in HTML5 output, Storyline 2 does not. Accessibility functions are supported in the Flash output when hosted in Internet Explorer 11. 

I'm sorry to have overlooked this point the last few days. As you're planning for the future of your courses in a Flash-free world, feel free to have a trial of Storyline 3 or Articulate 360 for the best in HTML5 support. No strings - your files will be backed up in Storyline 2 format if you decide you need to stay with that version.

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